Snapchat expands further into Generative AI with the launch of a new feature called “Dreams”.

With this feature, Snapchat “will again experiment with AI images — but soon, those images may contain you and your friends in imaginative backgrounds”, according to a report by TechCrunch.

According to findings from app researcher and developer Steve Moser, users can use the AI-powered feature to take or attach selfies which will allow the app to place their pictures in reimagined backgrounds of ‘fantastical places and scenarios’. This will enhance the already existing ‘filter’ feature available in Snapchat.

There’s a catch – like most other AI apps, Snapchat’s “Dreams” will require clear selfies with unobscured features and a variety of angles, expressions and lighting conditions in order to work their magic.

In addition to putting themselves into their AI “Dreams”, Moser also discovered that Snapchat is developing Dreams with Friends, a multi-user feature where users can give their friends permission to generate AI “dream” images with the two of them.

It is possible that that Snapchat is planning on monetizing this feature sometime in the future, as references to purchasing “Dream Packs” found in Snapchat’s app may suggest.

This is not the first time Snapchat has worked with AI. Just earlier this year, the platform launched its AI-powered chatbox, My AI, which allows users to respond with a Snap rather than just a text. Their launch of “Dreams” indicates that they aim to expand even further in the future.