Sleepyhead, a complete home lifestyle brand, has launched new campaigns to introduce their new innovations, the versatile and practical ‘Tilt’ and ‘Play’ sofas.

Their “Toggle to tilt your world” campaign focuses on their adaptable ‘Tilt’ sofa, which can transform from a traditional sofa to a lounge or a sofa-bed by tilting the headboard backwards. This is displayed through a series of split-themed videos where each video portrays two contrasting sides of a person’s home and mood: one regular and one tilted. In one standout video, a formally-dressed man sits upright on a Tilt sofa, engaged in a virtual meeting. He nods and smiles, saying, “Yes, sir! It will be done.” After the meeting is finished, he switches to a relaxed mode, donning a hoodie and boxers, and grabs a bowl of popcorn. He reclines on the sofa’s right edge and humorously mocks his boss with, “Get it done over the weekend! Definitely Not!” This displays the flexibility of the Tilt Sofa as the ideal setting for various activities.

Meanwhile, to celebrate their Play Sofa’s launch, Sleepyhead launched an engaging and exciting social media campaign, ‘Just can’t stop playing’, which was inspired by Logo. This campaign displays how friends and family can all come together to customize Sleepyhead’s Lego-like sofa, reflecting their individual personalities and moods. Each unique sofa segment can be customized with the same or different colors, allowing customers to personalize their sofa as they see fit.

Mathew Joseph, CEO & Co-founder of Sleepyhead, expressed his enthusiasm for the new innovations, stating: “These sofas truly set us apart in the category, reflecting our commitment to delivering furniture solutions that cater to evolving customer lifestyles. The launch is perfectly timed for the festive season, a peak period for marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, where consumers seek versatile, stylish, and functional furniture. These sofas’ remarkable flexibility and ability to transform into half beds offer unprecedented customization and practicality, enhancing living spaces just in time for celebrations.”

Deepti Karthik, fractional chief marketing officer, Sleepyhead, commented: “Sleepyhead’s new ad campaigns, especially the one inspired by Lego for our Play Sofa, are more than just advertisements; they are a celebration of fun and creativity. We firmly believe that furniture should encompass not only comfort but also the essence of being cool and customisable. Our Play Sofa perfectly embodies this belief, and our ad campaigns echo the same spirit. It’s about redefining your space with a playful touch and a sprinkle of innovation. We invite you to join us in making your living room the trendiest and most enjoyable place to be!”

Sleepyhead’s innovative campaigns highlight the playfulness and radiance of the festive season in India, embodied by their versatile Play and Tilt Sofas, which will be sure to appeal to customers for their personalization and practicality.