In the last decade, we have seen everything from our phones and speakers to our refrigerators and homes become smart and these appliances have changed the way the world works drastically. Ergo age-old rules of how one must live in order to get the best out of our daily experiences need to be redefined and to address this, Samsung came up with a new ad campaign called ‘Unwrite the Rules’ to show us how far we’ve come.

The ad campaign created Edelman shows members of a family pick a book from a library called ‘Rules of the Household’ which provides readers with lessons on how to optimise their daily habits to obtain optimal results while performing household chores. However, these age-old lessons are put to the test by the people of the house by using Samsung’s latest smart home appliances to show how people don’t need to fret about always being prepared beforehand and getting every detail right with undivided attention like they used to back in the olden days. Smart appliances truly justify the word smart and even communicate with each other to work in unison and streamline our daily experience by taking care of the boring parts of our chores. Have a look