When we talk about smartphone technology, people often get into the age old debate of whether Android is superior or iOS. Nothing quite captures the essence of this debate better than the rivalry between Samsung and Apple.

Samsung, true to its android nature, is often the first to introduce ingenious new technologies and puts flexibility and customizability first, giving users options galore. Apple, on the other hand, focuses on streamlining the user experience by perfecting the simpler things and offers a sense of luxury to their customers with a quality over quantity approach.

What has been even more interesting though, is the advertising war that has been going on between the two through the years. The pair have taken genius jabs at each other several times through their events and their commercials.

Samsung has never shied away from attacking apple directly over how it’s always late to adopt new technologies, over its infamous notch, the poor battery life and the low storage that Apple phones came with. In their ‘The Next Big Thing’ campaign, they mocked the fact that apple customers had to stand in dreadfully long lines only to get their hands on yesterday’s tech. Its marketing campaigns have also attacked the issues that iPhones have faced, like the bend-gate and beauty-gate fiascos and it never misses a chance at taking targeted shots at Apple.