While the first iteration of Samsung’s Foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Fold, was not the best seller, it certainly gave a new direction to the future of smartphones and revolutionized the way we look at phones altogether. While that was still an experiment in driving the future, Samsung has now come up with a more mature and functional iteration of it with the new Galaxy Z Fold2 and it is aptly promoting the same with the provocative campaign, ‘Farewell, Flat’.

The campaign created by Ogilvy shows us how through the years, while smartphones have evolved, their form factor has largely remained the same. As the camera dramatically pans through an era of grey flat slab-shaped phones, which are eventually piled up one over another. Atop of the massive pile is a mystic bronze coloured Galaxy Z Fold2 that slowly unfolds into its true form, representing the unfolding of a new era of smartphones. Otis Redding’s ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’ sets the perfect context for the ad. The ad then flashes the words, ‘Farewell, Flat’, bidding adieu to the era of flat phones as it welcomes a new form factor for phones in the future. Check it out