Samsung Creates a New UnstoppAble Dance Trend on TikTok for the Disabled

TikTok popularised the concept of synchronised dancing to 15-second music clips. These dance clips are now all the rage on social media and everyone wants a piece, be it on TikTok, Reels or numerous alternatives that have recently gained popularity. However, those on wheelchairs and other such handicaps haven’t been able to be a large part of this new cultural explosion. Samsung Portugal partnered up with the NGO Associação Salvador to create a new TikTok trend that is inclusive and raises awareness. This new trend called the UnstoppAble Dance is a part of Samsung’s fundraising campaign under the GalaxyA global platform #AwesomeIsForEveryone and for each TikTok with the hashtag #UnstoppAbleDance, Samsung will donate €5 to Associação Salvador. The NGO works for the inclusion of people with motor disabilities towards improving the quality of life for the disabled. Samsung promoted this campaign with a quirky dance that needs people to be sitting on a chair. The ad for the same was created by the Portuguese agency Uzina.

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