Samaara Tea, a premium homegrown tea brand, has released a new digital campaign to focus on the evolution of thoughts in Indian society pertaining to the gender disparity around household chores in India. The theme of the campaign is ‘Kuch Batein Kadak Hai’ which means that some ideas are strong and we need to adapt to them with the changing times.

‘Kuch Baatein, Kadak Hai’ is a narrative set in an office premise where the protagonist is late to office because he was helping his wife with household chores. One of his colleagues suggests that since his wife is a home-maker, there’s need of helping her with chores. The response he gets is an eye-opener for millions of Indians people across the World. Launching on 27th July 2020, the campaign aims to reach as many households across the globe as possible through digital mediums such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube. It will be amplified across 4 weeks. The inception of the campaign is based on the central idea of redefining gender stereotypes with a “Kadak”(Strong) conversation. This helps us in realising that several sexist social gender roles which have been cultivated over the centuries need to be revisited and revised.

The ad campaign will be utilized for 360-degree marketing and branding 1solutions. The brand is utilizing multiple modes of communication to reach the audiences and resonate with the new age thinking of gender neutrality when it comes to household chores. It showcases how important it is for men to participate in household activities.

Mr Dheer Shah, CEO, Samaara Tea said, ‘We are excited to launch our brand in our homeland through this digital campaign, “Kuch baatein ‘#KadakHai” which truly resonates with a strong cup of tea.  The campaign aims to reach the evolving audiences of India and how our ideas must be similar to a strong cup of tea which Samaara has to offer. We hope to break age-old gender stereotypes and reach new-age audiences through digital mediums. As a utility commodity, we are breaking monotony and taking the online route and are available on our website and e-commerce platforms. We need to encourage men to support such thoughts and break the gender stereotypes that we unknowingly follo