With the pandemic spreading like wildfire, social distancing and safety precautions are now more important than ever. Digital payment options have seen a significant boost since the outbreak which could sometimes act as a double-edged sword. While helping with social distancing and making transactions a lot simpler, it has also increased online scams and frauds.

RBL bank came up with a new initiative to educate people about various types of transaction frauds. Under the campaign called #RahoCyberSafe, they released a series of ads that show depict how fraudsters work in real life. These ads have Sparsh Srivastav from the Netflix series Jamtara that talks about these bank transaction scams. The videos show how to deal with fraudsters under various circumstances. They then educate people about the importance of private information like KYC details, card number, CVV, OTP and ATM pins while urging people not to share them over phone calls or unknown apps.

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