A marketer comes across various marketing terms throughout their career. Some of these terms are more commonly used than others. However, even with the common use, some marketers tend to misunderstand them or simply haven’t made their way around it. Hence, we have enlisted some of the most frequently used customer marketing terms and explained them below-

1) Customer Marketing

Customer marketing is a set of methods and techniques focused on the customer base with the pursuit of improving their experience with a brand and increasing the value they derive from their interactions with the brand. Such marketing allows the customers to be focused on the brand for future interactions.

2) Customer Retention 

The practice of maintaining existing clients so that they continue to work with the brand is known as customer retention. The best way of retaining customers is to start off with reliable ones. However, there are other factors that influence a customers chance to renew, such as customer service, customer engagement, and customer satisfaction.

3) Customer Success 

Collaborating with your customers to help them reach and surpass their objectives is what customer success is all about. This allows the customers to get the most out of their interactions with the organisation and thus retain their interests in a brand.

4) Customer Expansion 

This is a process done by brands to increase the maximum revenue that they get from an existing customer. Customer expansion can be done in various ways, one such being cross-selling.

5) Customer Service 

This term relates to the after-purchase assisting that a brand offers to its clients. Servicing should be done in such a way that a customer’s needs are fulfilled before they have to constantly ask for it.

Once a marketer gets a hang of the basics, they can put in their maximum efforts with full understanding to help their brands marke