Pinterest has just rolled out a suite of new features and ad formats to engage its users and advertisers. Covering “the complete user experience”, these fresh and innovative tools have mainly been designed to help brands and users connect to each other and will undoubtedly transform user experience on the image-based platform.

Here is a quick roundup of 8 new announcements by Pinterest:


This exciting new feature expands Pinterest’s usage beyond Pins and boards. It allows users to blend objects from Pins with other cutouts to create engaging collections of their favorite visual concepts. Currently, Collages is in an early testing phase, but will soon be available to Pinterest users worldwide.

Direct links:

Pinterest has launched direct links to help their shoppers go from discovery to purchase in a single click, simplifying the process for users by making it easier to move from discovering a product to finishing their purchase. It also results in increased engagement and conversation for retailers.

Product Spotlight:

This feature allows brands to own exclusively premium ad placements on Pinterest in order to ensure that their campaigns and announcements get the most exposure on the platform. Now, Pinterest is expanding its ‘Product Spotlight’ feature beyond just search, allowing advertisers to monopolize users’ attention the moment they open Pinterest in the home feed itself.

Showcase Ads:

This new and interactive feature works as a perfect ad solution. It allows users to get a sneak peek into a brand’s content by swiping through their branded images. This not only gives users more context regarding what they are purchasing, but also enables brands to create an engaging experience for potential customers.

Quiz Ads:

Using Quiz Ads, you can incorporate up to three questions into your quiz, allowing users to have an engaging and immersive experience. This allows brands to give their consumers a more tailored understanding of their products. On the other end of the extreme, it can also merely be used for entertainment.

Creative Studio:

Creative Studio is an exciting few feature that Pinterest have given advertisers their first glimpse of. It is designed to give brands a quick way to generate lifestyle imagery for their product Pins. All brands have to do is add their Pin link and select the prompts that match their needs, and Creative Studio will be able to generate a wide range of custom background images to help them, making their process much easier. It is currently in its testing phase and will be open for select advertisers this year.

Business Manager:

Pinterest’s Business Manager, a tool that allows advertisers to centralize and streamline their complicated workflows, has been upgraded and improved. Five new features will be introduced to the tool, including audience sharing features to save time and enhance targeting strategies, and comprehensive business dashboards that will enable brands to have a better grasp of investment impact. This will be available in all countries by fall.

eCommerce Integrations:

Pinterest has introduced two new integrations for their Adobe Commerce native applications and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, now extending them to all monetized markets. This massively expands their integration capabilities and helps brands effectively and efficiently handle and configure their product catalogs.

These new features will undoubtedly enhance user experience and help forge deeper connections between brands and consumers.