Pinterest is expanding its reach into the artist community with the launch of “Idea Pins,” a video-first feature aimed at artists who want to share their experiences through video, music, cutting-edge editing tools, and other means.

The new Pins design seems to be similar to Pinterest’s own TikTok Stories mashup, as it helps creators to catch and edit inventive videos of up to 20 parts of material, using tools such as voiceover audio, sound effects, animations, and other interactive features.

Idea Pins arose from the company’s experimentation with Story Pins and was launched into beta in September 2020, after numerous stages of development that started the previous year.

Pinterest showed at the time that Story Pins differed from other social outlets’ Stories in that they are focused on people’s experiences, such as trying out new things or objects, rather than giving audiences glimpses of a creator’s personal life.

Another distinctive characteristic of Story Pins is that they are not transient, which means they will not disappear for a set amount of time, but can instead be detected using search and other discovery techniques.

After the product’s launch eight months ago, Pinterest has been working with Story Pin creators on it.

As a result, the Idea Pin was developed, which is essentially a revamped Story Pin with a more robust collection of editing tools than before.

Idea Pins incorporate video to meet the increasing industry demand for creative short-form video content, such as that seen on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other channels.

The videos in the Pins can be up to 60 seconds long per page, with around 20 total pages per Pin.

Creators may enhance their videos by using their own audio or using a “Ghost mode” transformation technique to overlay one part of a video over another to better highlight their before-and-after.

Pinterest is now partnering with Epidemic Sound, a royalty-free music archive, to include an online album library for Idea Pins.

Since many designers use Idea Pins to inspire people to try making a recipe or plan, they will provide “Information sites” where viewers can check the list of ingredients or instructions, which is very helpful.

Pins are shared on Pinterest and the company says that it supports artists by spreading their website in several ways, and by searching pins for creators, users are directly followed at the top of the home page.

According to the company, each Idea Pin may have up to ten subject labels, which allow the content to be distributed to users in a targeted manner via the home feed and search.