Things have changed drastically for us since the past one and a half years, to say that were doing well or feel normal in a world where theres no semblance of normalcy no longer remains is a lie.

From being unable to spend time with your significant other and kids despite being in the same room with them and not being able to see your entire family, to experiencing the many deaths that have incessantly surrounded us since the very beginning, it suffices to say that were tired. Our mental health is no longer the same, and probably never will if we continue at the rate where were going.

To bring about a healthier environment where people can co-exist without wrecking damage to their minds, Philips has teamed up with various lifestyle websites to get people to talk more about the importance of mental wellbeing through their new campaign #KhayaalRakhna, highlighting the importance of self-care and promoting love of all kinds.

The campaign explains how everyone is different and thus, there are many forms of outlets and self-care. For some, it might be taking a break from work to feel alive; for some, it might be sitting down and talking to a therapist; for some, it can simply be checking in on your friends and just having a good time. Self-care is subjective and cannot be defined linearly. Philips just wants you to feel well through these tough times.