Philips Airfryer has launched its new “What’s new on the menu” campaign that aims to challenge the common misconception of limited usage of the gadget when it comes to creating Indian recipes. By doing so, it emphasizes its versatility in the Indian setting and showcases a colorful variety of everyday dishes that can be easily prepared using the Philips Airdryer.

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, their “What’s new on the menu” campaign comprises of three short films which revolve around some basic ingredients like chicken, ‘besan’ (chickpea flour) and readily available vegetables like ‘gobi’ (cauliflower). Viewers then get a glimpse of Philips Airfryer’s ability to turn them into delicious recipes in a short amount of time, transforming everyday cooking into an easy, wholesome experience.

The first commercial depicts two girls at a supermarket being shocked and amazed at the variety of recipes that can be created using ‘Gobi’ (cauliflower); the second one showcases flatmates discussing the number of dishes which can be churned out with leftover ‘besan’ (chickpea flour); and the third one shows a sleeping couple awakened by a hen’s clucking sound, prompting a half-asleep monologue on chicken-based delights. All three films end in the Philips Airfryer, emphasizing it as a one-stop destination for a wholesome cooking experience.

Pooja Baid, Chief Marketing Officer, Versuni India Home Solutions Ltd (formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances), said: “The essence of our campaign lies in inspiring more and more Indian households to use the Philips Airfryer in everyday cooking. The idea was to showcase its versatility even with the most ordinary ingredients that can be found in our kitchen’s today along with encouraging our consumers to explore a wide array of homegrown delicacies from crispy snacks to hearty meals, prepared in a healthier and a more convenient way. Our endeavour continues to be to establish Philips Airfryer as the new way of cooking for Indians.”

Vasudha Misra, Regional Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas, also commented on the campaign: “These commercials could have easily been for a food delivery service, or for a flavour-enhancing masala. Which is actually the point! An Aifryer commercial that breaks the codes of a typical Airfryer commercial. Whether it be showing college-going girls, or mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes being prepared. Which we hope will help Philips Airfryer reach out to new and old audiences by making them look at the product in a new light. Of course, that the commercials also make you giggle, or chuckle, or (dare we hope) laugh, doesn’t hurt either.”

Philips Airfryer’s “What’s new on the menu” campaign will go live across Digital, TV and OTT platforms in order to give it the maximum amount of reach.