PepsiCo India has launched a new TVC to celebrate the expansion of its Sizzlin’ Hot platform.

This bold TVC features the entire Sizzlin’ Hot range, including Lay’s, Kurkure and Doritos, highlighting the irresistible heat-and-spice packed experience each product offers. Set against a colourful backdrop of various scenes, including cozy living rooms and busy offices, PepsiCo aims to capture the spontaneous reaction to their portfolio’s spiciness. From shedding tears to frantically searching for cool relief, this sequence is the perfect mixture of chaotic, humorous and engaging. It reflects the surprise and delight that awaits anyone who tastes PepsiCo’s Sizzlin’ Hot.

This TVC taps into the good-natured affinity Indians have for ‘chilli’ and offers fiery sensations specifically tailored for each product within PepsiCo’s portfolio.

Anshul Khanna, Vice President and Foods Category Head of India and South Asia, PepsiCo, commented on the Sizzlin’ Hot range expansion and new TVC: “Last year, we introduced one of our most successful global platforms, Sizzlin’ Hot in India and have witnessed an overwhelming response. As we approach the festive season, we’re thrilled to announce the expansion of the platform with localised flavours for the unique Indian spice palate across our beloved brands, including Lay’s Maxx, Kurkure, and Doritos Dinamita. The launch will be accompanied by a comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaign that is sure to get people to intrigued about the fiery range. We hope that consumers love this new range and continue to spice up their snacking occasions.”

The TVC will be supported by a 360-degree surround campaign in order to gain the maximum reach.