Adeadly pandemic, a crashing economy, earthquakes, cyclones, locust attacks, inflation and rampant racism and bigotry; 2020 has been quite a turbulent year for the world. It is natural for people who are bringing a new life into this world to shroud themselves in a cloak of worry. It could be very challenging and scary to raise an infant in such trying times. A toddler’s environment plays a major role in its upbringing, and the current scenario might not provide the best setting to nurture a child’s mind.

Pamper’s came up with an excellent campaign called #WecomeToTheWorld along with the agency Leo Burnett to give hope to new mothers who are going through a personal crisis. They remind them that though the times may be difficult, it has brought people closer and people from everywhere are stepping up to help each other out, which was a rare sight in the hustle and bustle of the pre-pandemic busy world. The ad film shows a mother talking to her newborn child, welcoming it to the world and telling it that it will be safe. Have a look.