After touching hearts with its Rio Olympics campaigns, P&G is back with its brands to do the same for Tokyo Olympics 2021. Its new campaign ‘Lead With Love’ focuses on the important roles parents shoulder into making their kids the sportspeople they are today. The transformation they help their children go through to be the best sportsperson out there while making sure they do not compromise on morals or ethics.

The campaign follows all the moments the future sports stars have gone through, the difficulties they’ve dealt with, moments where they’ve come close to compromising on what it takes to be a good human – all of which their parents have helped them through, making them into celebrated champions of today and even better human beings.

The second campaign that P&G rolled out for the Tokyo Olympics is ‘Your Goodness Is Good.’ The campaign features paralympic athletes who are going above and beyond to not just be a legendary sportsperson, but also a beautiful human being.

The campaign is narrated by the parents of actual paralympic athletes and champions. Throughout the campaign, these parents voice the pride they have in their children for the way they are leading the world with love and showing what it truly means to be a good human being- all while dealing with the prejudices and inequities that come with being a paralympic athlete.