Ogilvy India has added yet another award to its list.

The Global Best of the Best Awards 2023 has announced Ogilvy India (with Wavemaker India) as the winner of the Global Grand Eddie in Experimental Marketing for Cadbury Celebrations – Shah Rukh Khan My ad.

It was a one-of-a-kind Diwali campaign where Ogilvy India and Cadbury Celebrations worked together to extend a helping hand to small businesses across India who were struggling hard to survive the Covid pandemic’s crippling effects. Through a purposeful and well-timed mix of data and generative AI, this Cadbury Celebrations Ad doubled as a personalized ad promoting countless small businesses.

“Here’s how we made our Cadbury ad with India’s biggest brand ambassador as the brand ambassador for small, local stores. This is why we’ve called it Not Just A Cadbury Ad,” they wrote.

Watch the campaign below:

With almost 690k views on YouTube, the campaign very well-received by audiences across the country, who praised their commendable efforts. “This is pure Gold. The marketing minds behind this initiative should get a Nobel prize,” one user wrote.

Ganapathy Balagopalan, Deputy Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy India, expressed delight with the award, “Christmas has arrived early for Ogilvy India, and we are delighted. It’s taken a village to pull this campaign off and we are happy it has made the impact and difference we hoped for.” – Ganapathy Balagopalan, Head of Strategic Planning, Ogilvy Mumbai.”

Thus, after bagging the Cannes Titanium last year and an Effie APAC this year, Ogilvy India now adds the Global Grand Effie for the Shah Rukh Khan ad to their growing list of awards.