“Spreading smiles for 60 years.”

Nutella celebrates its 60th anniversary with a dose of positivity and a film starring brand ambassador Ranveer Singh.

With a humble origin story of passion and invention in Italy during the peak of World War 2, Nutella has evolved into a global brand that is greatly loved by people all across the world. The brand aims to emphasize this in their film, which showcases the Bollywood actor standing in a kitchen with an apron, joyfully wishing all “Nutella lovers” good morning and praising the brand’s vibrant journey up till this point.

“It’s the happiest day of the year … World Nutella Day.”

Giovanni Ferrero, Executive Chairman of Ferrero Group, said: “As we mark this milestone anniversary, we celebrate Nutella – a beloved global brand driven by an innovative spirit and decades of expertise. Through the unbeatable taste of Nutella, we have now created a range of new product experiences: Nutella B-ready, Nutella Biscuits, Nutella Muffin and Croissants. Looking ahead, we remain committed to building on this legacy, finding even more ways to offer fans positivity and choice. We have been spreading smiles across the globe for 60 years and through passion, creativity, and innovation, Nutella will keep the world smiling for years to come.”

Posted on several social media channels, the video has received more than 1.1 million views on Instagram till date, with Ranveer Singh’s massive fan following giving it an added advantage. Since the actor has not posted on the social media platform for weeks, his new content has sparked even greater enthusiasm from his fans. “Really great ad,” one user praised, while another joked to Ranveer that “You are my Nutella.”