In a global campaign called #NoConditionsApply for TOI, FCB Ulka does a brilliant job of raising a mirror to us, showing us our hypocrisy on feminism when it comes to religious affairs. People voluntarily suspend their rationality and become hollow shells in the name of traditions.

For centuries, women have come together to celebrate their femininity by smearing the colour vermillion on each other in an act called Sindhoor Khela during Durga Puja. But year after year, there has been rising discrimination against certain women who are considered anomalies in society and they have had to face the brunt of this during the celebrations of Sindhoor Khela. Widows, Tansgenders, Lesbians, Divorced Women and even acid attack victims who may be considered outside of the norm, have been forbidden to play with Sindhoor by religious institutes.


The campaign #NoConditionsApply raises awareness about the bigotry and encourages all those who identify as women to come forward and participate in the celebrations without any conditions. The ads in the campaign are embellished by rebellious writing that leaves you both shook and sympathetic at the same time. It seeks to transform a tradition of division into an inclusive one.