Whatsapp will roll out a new feature that will allow users to start chats with Business profiles using QR codes and browse through product catalogues on WhatsApp. The feature was introduced for business accounts so they can push their business online while physical stores still have restricted access.

Businesses can use QR codes as an alternative to phone numbers to help people get in touch with them. They will have the option to display a default message to initiate a conversation when the code is scanned. These QR codes can be placed on packages, products, business cards, bills, and on ads and storefronts, etc to simplify communication. This feature will be available around the world through the WhatsApp Business app and API.

The process of sending and downloading images to sell or buy products respectively could be very tedious and awkward and may impede business. This process will be streamlined through the use of Catalogues. This new feature will allow businesses to showcase their product as catalogues on their profiles. Catalogues will be associated with unique links which can be shared with consumers and businesses. This is a massive upgrade over the current system where businesses can only share info and photos about their products one at a time.

To use Catalogues, you must first have the Whatsapp Business app. You will find the ‘Catalogue’ option under ‘Business Tools’ in the Settings menu which will take you to the Catalogue Manager. Here, you can add multiple images, item name, price, description, link and item code for your products. Now, each of these items can be shared individually with consumers and businesses from here if you do not want to share the entire catalogue.WhatsApp Business Gets ‘Catalog’ to Help Small Businesses Showcase …