‘Is it iQOO?’ is a campaign film released by the brand iQOO as a fun way of introducing itself. The film is a tongue-in-cheek dig at the problem faced by the brand.

The film features acclaimed actors, Jahnvi Kapoor and Vijay Deverakonda. They are seen taking potshots of trying to pronounce the brand name right, in a fun way that generates quite humorous reactions

The campaign strategy was to generate online and offline social interactions as people debate on whether they get it right or not!

The iQOO team thought that it would be a great idea to create a campaign where users could share their pronunciation of the brand name. Hence, they released a contest to encourage user participation before releasing the ad film.

The following film too used the same witty tone. Since the iQOO brand is all about surprise, actors in the film were asked not to reveal the features of the phone, but rather just market its availability.

We can surely say that the brand’s campaign was a hit and has people eagerly waiting to learn more about their phones.