2021 ended with the introduction of an exciting feature that shows great promise in terms of safety for women. The meta-owned platforms including Facebook have now taken strong actions to encounter various issues faced by them. These women have been prey to various kinds of abuse in the real as well as the digital world. However, it is surprising that social media platforms are introducing such help this late. We’re still glad to witness it, sooner or later!

At Facebook, we believe that women should have equal access to all of the economic opportunity, education and social connection that the Internet provides.

– is something that the platform intends to deliver and provide safety when it comes to bullying or harassment faced on a daily basis. The platform is not restrained by any language barriers as it introduces the feature in over 12 languages. This now allows the people countrywide to understand what the platform offers and make effective use of it.

Facebook also keeps under consideration the women who are working for the country and are journalists, uncovering the truth. Or be it famous public figures who are constantly under criticism and are open to threats. It also pays close attention to the ones who have been victims of such heinous acts in the past.

It is expected of other such platforms to acknowledge the issue and keep with the pace of meta-owned ones. To introduce other effective and helpful features like Facebook includes videos to teach self-defence and partners up with various organisations to contribute in bringing a change.

Following this action, the users are now feeling a lot safer and are looking forward to starting the new year with opportunities that do not come with a negative tail, following them everywhere. Women can now learn and grow better with the support of the platforms they function on.