The National Basketball Association (NBA) has launched its newest campaign #ThisIsBasketball starring brand ambassador and Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh. This campaign aims to celebrate the game of basketball throughout the country and highlight its spirit of inclusiveness.

This brand-new campaign features a series of videos that will be released throughout the year. The first video, which was released recently, stars Ranveer Singh and emphasizes the country’s passion and love for basketball. It features basketball enthusiasts from all walks of life who emphasize what the game means to them, from achieving your life’s goals to finding camaraderie with others on the court. This includes successful basketball players Shireen Limaye and Raspreet Sidhu, the former and current captains of the Indian women’s basketball team. Viewers are presented with a vibrant and empowering video that seeks to inspire both fans and players of the game.


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Using Ranveer Singh as the face of their ad and campaign is highly advantageous for NBA, who can leverage his star power and infectious enthusiasm and get access to his massive following to appeal to basketball lovers across the country. Ranveer’s support has and will continue to make the sport more visible and encourage more people to play it.

NBA’s campaign is simultaneously a demonstration and celebration of basketball’s rapidly increasing popularity in India. The subsequent videos that will be released across the year will undoubtedly further highlight the importance of basketball across India and the joyful and inspiring stories of fans and players.