Dictator, a global Polish rum company, has made history by announcing that it has hired the first humanoid robot as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

“Dictator’s board decision is revolutionary and bold at the same time. This first human-like robot, with AI, in a company structure, will change the world as we know it, forever,” the President of Dictador Europe, Marek Szoldrowski, said in a statement.

According to Fox Business, Mika is a research project between Dictador and Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based company known for its development of human-like robots with AI. Mika was customized to represent the company and its interests.

Mika, which is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, can analyze extensive data to make quick and accurate decisions devoid of personal bias.¬† Additionally, her influence extends to various other elements of Dictador’s operations, ranging from artistic collaborations to client identification. This demonstrates her versatile potential and aligns closerly with Dictador’s goal of enabling more efficient corporate governance.

Her creation also demonstrates the broadening potential of AI beyond the corporate world. She has been appointed as an honorary professor and will participate in public speaking events, such as at the Collegium Humanum University in Warsaw She also leads Dictador’s¬†Arthouse Spirits project, which is decentralized and autonomous. Thus, her symbolic and practical importance showcases the flexibility of AI in the wider landscape.

While Mika will handle several responsibilities, other significant decisions will involve human executives. Thus, Dictador will ultimately maintain a balance between AI innovation and human insight.