‘Your everyday AI companion’

Businesses are set to gain access to Microsoft’s work assistant ‘Copilot‘, one of the highest-profile AI tools to hit the market, starting Wednesday.

Microsoft 365 Copilot leverages generative AI to do most of the things you might ask a business assistant or intern to do. It summarizes lengthy emails and video calls, drafting responses, and transforms Word documents into helpful PowerPoint presentations. It can also attend meetings on your behalf, summarizing the topics discussed and logging attendees.


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Copilot will roll out to more than one million companies in the U.S. by Wednesday. However, considering all of its advantageous features, it is not free. Enterprise customers will have to pay $30 a month per user, and the minimum number of license purchases will start at 300.

The official debut of Copilot marks the latest milestone in Microsoft’s goal to dominate enterprise adoption of generative AI. It has invested billions into ChatGPT’s maker OpenAI and reported that its revenue has grown through September. Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, has emphasized how 40% of the Fortune 100 are already using Copilot in an early access program.

Currently, Copilot is unique in the market, although Microsoft’s rivals Google and Amazon are also investing hard in AI. Microsoft has thus worked hard to ensure Copilot’s precision and perfection.