Industry giant Meta has announced new broadcast channels on Facebook and Messenger.

Making the announcement at Meta’s IGU Delhi edition, the company stated that the channels are a public one-to-many tool to engage with one’s followers. Channels supports text, photos, polls, reactions and more. This new feature can be used by individual figures, public figures and companies.

Meta cited the benefits of broadcast channels, sharing that they are a “direct communication line with your biggest fans and a lightweight way to keep followers in the know.”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has likewise posted about this development on his Facebook page, with the caption, “Broadcast Channels are coming to Facebook and Messenger in the coming weeks. Pages will be able to share voice notes, text, photos/videos, and GIFs with anyone who joins their channels.”

How does it work?

If you have a Page on Facebook in a place where broadcast channels are currently available, you can start a channel directly from your Page. Otherwise, you can join the waitlist and will be immediately notified once the feature is available.

Remember: Only the creator of the channel can send messages, but members of the broadcast channel can nonetheless react and vote.

Meta’s latest move comes after it launched the service on Instagram and WhatsApp in early 2023. It is the latest in a series of developments aimed at enhancing user experience and adapting to today’s increasingly digitized world.

Broadcast channels are expected to arrive in Facebook and Messenger in the next upcoming weeks according to Meta’s statement on October 18.