Facebook owner Meta Platforms has unveiled its upcoming microblogging platform, Threads, which is expected to launch on July 6th, Thursday, directly challenging Twitter’s dominance in the industry.

Billed as a “text-based conversation app”, Threads combines elements from Twitter and Instagram to get the best of both worlds. As per a listing on Apple’s App Store, Threads will allow its users to not only retain their followers from Instagram, but also keep their username. Screenshots suggest that it shares a similar user interface to Twitter, with similar features including liking, reposting, and allowing users to limit who can reply to posts. In short, Threads aims to provide its users with a familiar-yet-alternative social media experience. 

According to Forbes, this brand-new microblogging platform was initially discovered on the Google Play store Monday morning, and became available on the Apple App Store by Monday night. 

The timing of this new launch could not be more apt. Twitter has spiralled into mayhem since Elon Musk’s 44 billion purchase of it in 2022. Its issues with Bluesky, association with far-right figures and recent, bizarre user limitations have driven its users to seek out rival platforms in droves, and Meta intends for Threads to be their No. 1 choice. As per News 18, Threads aims to be a more inclusive and well-managed platform than their rival.

Meta’s unveiling of Threads is the latest bout in the rivalry between Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Just last month, an online exchange between these two tech billionaires became so heated that they apparently agreed to a cage-match face off. It seems the launch of Threads will determine which billionaire gets the last laugh.

Threads is expected to release on Thursday, July 6th, and in anticipation of its launch, Meta has released a countdown website.