Meta has reportedly dissolved its Responsible AI team to focus and divert more resources on developing Generative AI.

As per reports from The Information, these surprising changes are part of a wider reshuffle of the AI teams that Meta announced internally this week.

Most employees of the RAI team will now move to Meta’s Generative AI team, formed in February this year, to make generative AI products. Other members will move to the company’s AI infrastructure unit, which works on the tools and systems needed to build and operate AI products.

The RAI was created to identity problems with Meta’s AI training approaches, including whether the company’s models were trained with sufficiently diverse information, and was intended to moderate complications on platforms.

The Information’s report quotes Jon Carvill, representative of Meta, who said that the company will “continue to prioritize and invest in safe and responsible AI development”, and claims that although the company was splitting the team up, RAI’s former members will “continue to support relevant cross-Meta efforts on responsible AI development and use.”

The decision to disband RAI comes on the heels of its earlier restructuring in the beginning of this year. It also comes as Meta nears the ending of its so-called “year of efficiency”, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg called it, which has resulted in a flurry of layoffs, redistributions and team-mergers at the company.