The Covid-19 era has brought in insurmountable sadness and has triggered countless depressive disorders for many. With the past 18 months seeing millions of deaths and hundreds and millions of cases, it has not been a year of elation or even happiness. The year has been a constant reminder of all the trauma and difficulties that have been endured and family and friends that have been lost.

Amidst the depressing year, McDonald’s wants people to regain their strength and laugh and smile. In their new campaign, “Fancy A McDonald’s?” McDonald’s shares the stories of many laughing while dining with McDonald’s. A silent plea to ask people to not solely focus on the darkness of the realm, but also remember happy moments and share them with their family and friends.

According to Steven Howells, director of marketing and media at McDonald’s, says: “Our ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ platform invites the nation to let go of the daily pressures and expectations of life and savor a small but joyful moment of release. McDonald’s role in society is to enable our customers to simply enjoy, which has never been more relevant or important.”

Speaking on its latest work, Leo Burnett’s executive creative director Mark Elwood says: “When someone says ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ it’s rarely an invitation you turn down. In this beautifully simple film, we show what taking a moment to let go of life’s pressures feels like through the simple joy of laughter. A McDonald’s can nourish the soul as well as the body.”