McDonald’s France is the latest brand to join the ongoing NFT bandwagon. The past couple of months has seen the NFT space welcoming several artists, artists, and institutions.

McDonald’s recently announced its entry into the NFT market on its social media platforms, McDonald’s France posted 4 of its NFTS, including a box of chicken nuggets, soft-serve ice-cream, big mac, and fries. The images were captioned with the hashtag #McDoNFT.

Each of the 4 works will be in five copies, making 20 unique works in total.

The published posts will be tokenized by New York-based agency DDB and uploaded to OpenSea–a marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectibles.

Unlike other brands that have released NFTs, McDonald’s isn’t selling the digital artworks; rather offering them as prizes in a social media contest. The winners are free to do whatever they would like with the NFTs including selling them in the marketplace.