Whether you’re Jedi Master or just a pop culture layman, you definitely watched or heard of Star Wars. For many it’s more than just a series of films, it’s a cultural phenomenon. Very few films can boast of leaving such a mark on cinema culture as the Star Wars series has and it will continue to be on many a science fiction enthusiast’s list for many years to come. One of the most easily recognizable catchphrases from the series is, “May the force be with you!” said by the protagonists as a gesture of goodwill. The catchphrase sounds remarkably similar to the date May the Fourth (4th of May) and the day is celebrated as ‘Star Wars Day’ by fans around the world.

Exploiting this, brands hopped onto this science fiction wagon and showered us with amazing and witty Star Wars posts on social media often tying in their own brands into a Star Wars reference.