The international non-governmental organization, Marie Stopes International, launched a campaign for Mother’s Day on a topic that no one ever talks about: Abortion.

Although abortion is legal in various countries, it is heavily looked down upon and women considering abortions are insulted and mocked so much so that these women often resort to secret appointments to get abortions.

One country in particular that deals with the issue of unwanted pregnancy is Mexico. According to Marie Stopes International, “Mexico is the number one country on teenage pregnancy in Latin America with more than 1 million abortions per year. It’s also considered illegal in 90% of the country’s territories.
On May 10th, more than 700 women celebrated Mother’s Day in jail for having done illegal abortions.”

The campaign pays tributes to mothers worldwide and expresses their significance in their children’s lives. It also supports the stories of many women and their decision to stall a pregnancy or end a pregnancy and how it should be normalized. Women should have the decision to have a child when they’re ready and plan to do so, not when it’s thrusted upon them.

The campaign ‘Not Today’ is a sentimental telling of a story between a daughter and her mother. The daughter praises her mother for everything she has done and the sacrifices she’s made for the daughter. The daughter talks about how much she idealizes her mother and would love to be like her one day.
Towards the ending of the narration, the daughter ends up being pregnant and talks about how she’s not ready for motherhood and the responsibilities that come along with it. She has goals and dreams to fulfill before she becomes a mother. She relents that many wouldn’t understand her decision to abort the fetus but she knows that her mother would understand her and ease the process for her.
The commercial ends with the daughter telling her mom, “Maybe someday they’ll call you grandma. But not today.”