Mankind Pharma, global pharmaceutical company, has unveiled their brand-new AI-powered marketing campaign starring Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma as the face of their pregnancy detection brand, Prega News.

According to the company, their innovative “Thank You Chemists” celebrates a union of 13 years and seeks to revolutionize the way the brand reaches its audience and will reinforce Prega News’ reputation as a dependable choice for pregnancy testing.

The primary focus of this campaign is to target pharmacies and retail partners who help boost the visibility and sales of pregnancy detection kits among consumers. Mankind Pharma seeks to achieve this by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to make hyper-personalized ads featuring Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma thanking chemists, presenting her as the committed and singular patron for supporting businesses for more than one lakh chemist shops across the country.

Mankind Pharma’s campaign was launched on August 9th and has currently received more than 760,560 views with warm comments.

Mankind Pharma’s campaign aims to benefit chemists by increasing their visibility across the market. In order to achieve this, they have adopted a personalized approach, ensuring that each outlet receives a personalized advertisement via WhatsApp. Additionally, by showing chmeists expressing their gratitude in the video, Mankind Pharma adds a warm, human touch to their campaign. Through this, they seek to amplify the reach of Prega News by fostering a deeper bond between the brand, the pharmacy and its consumers.

Joy Chatterjee, associate vice president, sales and marketing, Mankind Consumer Healthcare Division, has spoken proudly about their latest campaign, commenting, “We are proud of the success of our AI campaign for Prega News. This initiative has not only strengthened our bond with our retail partners but has also enabled us to touch the lives of countless consumers across the nation. At Mankind Pharma, we remain committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive positive change in the healthcare industry and empower our customers with trusted solutions.”