Maltesers launched its campaign, #TheMassiveOvershare to promote maternal mental health and encourage mothers to be open about the highs and lows of motherhood and get the support they need.

The unveiling of this initiative, coinciding with World Women’s Day, contains two advertisements and social media posts inspired by encounters with mothers who discuss the memories of the dark and the light of a new childhood. The artistic person is a subtle reminder that anytime you see a nice new newborn, a new mother is seen, too, with a variety of feelings when emotional problems are not always discovered or misdiagnosed.

A research conducted by Maltesers shows that mothers struggle severely and that they can’t seek assistance. One in six mums sometimes felt stressed, a fifth of them said they didn’t want to bother anyone. Being a mum comes with a rollercoaster of highs and lows. While maternity was never simple, in the last 12 months of lock-up and homeschooling, the mums have faced whole new challenges.

According to Leah Dyckes, Brand Manager, “Alongside the joys of motherhood are also the harder parts, and this has only been highlighted over the last 12 months. The survey findings reveal how so many mums aren’t comfortable broaching those uncomfortable conversations. We know how important it is to talk about the fact that motherhood and parenting can be tough. Through our advertising, campaigns and partnerships, Maltesers aims to help women build resilience by laughing together through the tough stuff. It’s what we’ve always done and what we will continue to do, now and for years to come.”

Together with Comic Relief, Maltesers have dedicated GBP 225,000 to helping women in the area of their mental health problems with the amazing work of groups such as the Hapy Moms Foundation and the Smile Group.