In McDonald’s latest ‘EatQual’ film, we experience a unique take on inclusivity and witness how the brand aims to shed light on how specially-abled individuals lead normal lives.

This film highlights a girl with limited upper limb mobility, going about her day doing the same tasks (brushing her teeth and getting ready for the day) as any other individual does.

Instead of relying on anybody, she simply finds unique ways to accomplish these tasks.

At the end of the film, she and her friends are seen enjoying a delicious burger.

“EatQual will always remain the key inclusivity platform of McDonald’s India. With this new brand film, we wanted to emphasize that each individual has their unique way of living life, irrespective of their special abilities. McDonald’s has always been a feel-good brand wherein we continue to spread happiness and promote inclusivity. With EatQual, we are constantly working towards strengthening our commitment to making McDonald’s India a truly inclusive brand.” says the senior director of marketing.

“One mostly looks into the lives of the differently abled from the lens of what they can’t do. And what brands can do for them. But we felt there’s more joy in celebrating the way they live their lives. And how McDonald’s can effortlessly slip into their life.” says the CCO of DD Mudra group.

The Director General of (NASEOH) says, “We must recognize that people with upper limb disabilities are more than capable of leading regular lives. However, making life simpler for them is a cause that deserves attention. The EatQual initiative by McDonald’s India puts into sharp focus the kind of thoughtful changes that can be made to help people with disabilities feel included. Its time for all of us to come together to advance the cause of individuality over disability.” 

McDonalds has been making strides in supporting the inclusion of specially-abled people. For years, it has been fueling this initiative through its EatQual campaign and reaching out to NGOs that support individuals with disabilities.