Savings super-app Magicpin launched a new campaign with a quirky twist, extending festive wishes to everyone in anticipation of Diwali in the form of a ‘Happy Holi’ billboard.

This startling billboard reflects Magicpin’s unique approach to advertising and transcends the traditional festive calendar, thus highlighting its dedication to making celebration savings an integral and much-needed part of life. More importantly, it emphasizes how, with 70% off on food, fashion and more, Magicpin doesn’t need a special occasion to give its customers the best offers possible.

Magicpin took to Twitter to share the billboard with the caption, “Get ALL-YEAR savings on India’s Top brands only with magicpin”.

Magicpin’s large billboard dominates Delhi-NCR in vibrant hues of pink and blue, enabling it to capture viewers’ attention.  With its unique approach to festive and non-festive advertising, it invites its customers to embrace the universality of life and aim for good saving deals throughout the year. It emphasizes the brand’s core message – be it groceries, fashion or festivals, Magicpin has a good savings offer for every occasion.

The campaign has already received more than 127k views on YouTube but was met with a mixed reaction from viewers. Some admired its creativity, while others trolled them for forgetting their dates and taking a subtle dig at the city’s ever-declining air quality.