Days after Cred released its campaign with Rahul Dravid’s Indiranagar Ka Gunda, Magicpin wasted no time poking fun at them in their newest ad called, “The Bread Ad.”

Magicpin talks about how Cred’s users have hundreds and thousands of points accumulated in their account and are unable to turn it into a successful rewards program.

The campaign features Vijay Raaz, as a simple spokesperson who coincidentally talks about how different brands are all bark and no bite.

Through the campaign, Magicpin contrasts itself to Cred by positioning itself as the down-to-earth, relatable, non-fancy, and ‘asli’ savings program for the audience.

Magicpin further issued a press statement acknowledging how everyone has seen the ‘Rahul Dravid’ ad but questions whether the public knows anything about the rewards programs many brands tout.

However, the campaign particularly didn’t sit well with one individual- Cred’s CEO Kunal Shah who tweeted, “Mocking someone is accepting a lower status.”