‘Something amazing is about to be served.’

Maggi Noodles has launched its first-ever ad campaign featuring Khushi Kapoor as they dive into the Korean market.

Teasing their audience on Instagram with snippers of the campaign, Khushi Kapoor wrote that it is “a launch India has been waiting for”. This baffled her followers, who believed she was referring to her ‘Archies’ debut, only to be taken by surprise at the launch of the Maggi Noodles campaign.

The campaign begins at a scene resembling a press conference where it’s announced that “Maggi Korean Noodles launches Khushi Kapoor”. Confused, the rising star argues that “It’s Khushi Kapoor launching Maggi Korean Noodles”. The debate continues with a puzzled Kapoor questioning, “How can it launch me? It’s so new!” To which, the speaker cleverly answers, “So are you.”

Soon after, Kapoor skeptically tastes Maggi Korean Noodles, questioning its flavor. However, her initial dismissal turns to delight as she tastes the noodles, and she soon begins to relish them in a state of blissful joy.

By collaborating with Khushi Kapoor, Maggi Noodles is simultaneously able to leverage her 1.3 million fan-following while thematically aligning two anticipated and exciting debuts to provoke audience interest.

Maggi’s expansion into Korean flavors comes at a time when India has an increasingly growing interest in Korean cuisine and culture, especially in metropolitan cities. Thus, the new Korean range, featuring BBQ Veg flavors and BBQ Chicken, caters perfectly to Indian preference for spicy tastes, and heralds a vital increase in Korean noodle consumption in India.

Interestingly, Maggi breaks away from its iconic yellow packaging for their new launch, preferring to use black-and-red, appealing to the colors often associated with Korean instant foods. Thus, their new range is positioned to appeal to a wide range of possible consumers, from Gen Z to curious city-dwellers to Korean culture enthusiasts.