The latest trend that has taken the internet by storm is called, “”look between H and L on your keyboard”. Gaining a considerable following in just a few hours, it has also been used by various brands, who have jumped onboard to share memes for the same.

However, this new trend has also puzzled a great deal of internet users. At its core, it’s simple: the meme asks social media users to look between certain letters on their keyboard to decode the meaning behind the meme.

Its origin dates all the way back to May 2021 and originates from 4Chan, a hub for anonymous sharing of images and ideas. It began with a post featuring a character from K-On accompanied by the caption “look between t and o on your’e key bored”, which was deliberately misspelled.

This piqued internet curiosity, and led users to discover what the letters in-between spelled “YUI”, a character from an anime series. Thus, the trend spread like wildfire.

Several famous brands and apps have also joined in on the viral trend, indulging in some unexpected moment marketing:

However, some people expressed reservations to this latest trend, either expressing confusion or annoyance:

What do you think of this meme?