Eating while watching a show or a movie is the norm, but always a headache. More so if one is busy munching on crispy food, like chips. More the crunch, the lesser the focus on what’s in front.

However, Lay’s just might have found a solution for an improved watching experience.

Lay’s and Happiness Saigon (a Vietnamese creative agency) introduced a new Chrome extension, “Crispy Subtitles.”

It is a plug-in that automatically turns on the subtitles from the minute it hears the crunch, saving viewers worldwide the time it takes to rewind the scene that they’ve missed.

To make this possible, the team created an AI that spent 178 hours detecting the various kinds of ways people eat chips all over the world, to create a more localized effect. All to turn on Youtube’s subtitles at the right moment.

Through Crispy Subtitles, not only has Lay’s showed their ability to stay on top of MarTech but also their consistent innovation for an all-pervasive customer experience.

Now you can munch on your favorite packet of Lay’s without any interruptions.