At the beginning of June, Lay’s India launched its #Heartwork campaign to thank the unsung heroes who work hard even in such dire times to bring joy to others. The campaign celebrated the dedication of all those farmers, factory workers, transporters and retailers among many others who work tirelessly to bring small packets of happiness to people across the nation. Essentially, the campaign talked about the #heartwork that goes into making every packet of Lay’s chips.

In July, Lay’s India further extended this heartwarming campaign on social media by engaging with over 25 of India’s favourite brands across various industries like Flipkart, Swiggy, Spotify, Whisper, Ariel, Dunzo, and KFC among others, to thank them for keeping the country on its feet during this difficult phase through their undying determination which Lay’s believes is really #Heartwork. Lay’s India used its Instagram and

to post images of Lay’s packets with a fun customised message for each of these brands. These witty messages appreciated the #Heartwork of the people behind the scenes across different fields who kept things running when consumers couldn’t step out of their houses.

Some of these brands responded with their own quirky message for Lays on twitter for taking this initiative to spread positivity and joy in the fiercely competitive markets of today.