The impact of Influencer Marketing has already been commendable and is sure to increase in the coming time. Each year, a new form of content with new engagement techniques is tested by influencers and we are expecting the same in 2022. Influencers constantly keep up and create new trends to get higher reach and thus attract brands for collaboration and we are excited to witness the latest ways to do so!

In 2021, the influencer marketing industry had seen an all-time high of $13 billion and is only expected to get higher. The market is expected to reach about $16 billion by the end of 2022. But how are influencers going to achieve the same?

Here are a few trends that are likely to take place in 2022-

1) Preference For Video Content Over Images 

Unlike previously, there is high internet connectivity even in most remote areas. As a result, the users are getting more inclined towards content in form of videos rather than mere texts and images. The creators too have noticed this change and are likely to shift their feed towards videos more rather than other means of content. Even though the shift is gradual and the use of traditional creation is widely seen, this trend is likely to take over completely.

2) Live Shopping Will Take Over

Each day, users are looking for more ways towards flexibility and the live shopping option is providing the same. Noticing this, influencers are linking live shopping with their brand collaborations to direct the users more conveniently without any barriers. Product promotions too will increase through influencer marketing and the sales are likely to reach $500 billion by 2023.

3) Appreciating Diversity 

Representation has been showing its importance and brands are ready to include this marketing trend to get more reach. Collaboration with diverse influencers, also coming from a minority is likely to have more impact than ever. Viewers appreciate this welcoming nature of brands and thus incline more towards them.

4) Welcoming Insightful Content 

Rather than just the basic user-generated content, people have shown more liking towards content that is employee-driven. This means that the content that comes from the employees themselves rather than ‘influencers’ has seen more engagement in the past and will surely increase in the future. Such insightful content makes the brand more trustworthy and the redirecting rate of the customers is comparatively higher.