The COVID19 Pandemic has had the world in its clutches for most of 2020 and people have been under lockdown through most of it. During this, people have had to stay away from their friends and loved ones and the happy social memories of the past seemed like a distant dream. Social distancing norms and the need to be overly cautious all the time only made things more difficult. Now, however, as the lockdown is being eased, it is just as important to continue maintaining the same level of caution as before if not more so, since the virus is still at large and is still highly contagious.

To educate people on staying safe post the lockdowns, Koyna Metropolitan Municipality of Turkey came up with a prolific print campaign along with the agency Atlantis Media to highlight the importance of wearing masks. The campaign features images of the jovial social activities that people indulged in before the disastrous outbreak of the virus. The picture also has a mask held up in the middle which acts as a sort of lens that we can see through. The catch, however, is that only the part of the image that is seen through the mask is safe from a sea of viruses. This simple yet genius idea very lucidly explains that for things to go back to the way they were, we must first stay safe and continue wearing masks till we’ve fought off the virus.