Kerala is set to make waves in digital entertainment by launching the first government-backed OTT platform in the India, media networks have reported.

Set to debut this Thursday at Kairali Theatre by Kerala’s Chief Minister, this unique platform aims to deliver a unique blend of informative and entertaining content tailored for the masses.

The platform will be managed to CSpace under the Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC) on behalf of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Kerala. KSFDC has set up a 60-member panel including prominent cultural personalities from the state, such as Benyamin, OV Usha, and Santhosh Sivan. Every content that is submitted to the platform will be evaluated by three curators from the panel for its artistic, cultural and infotainment merit. Only the content recommended by the curators will be showcased on the platform.

So far, curators have selected more than 40 films for the first phase of CSpace, including feature films, documentaries and one short film. Films that have won state or national awards, or have been exhibited in major film festivals, will also be shown.

As per reports, the platform will charge Rs 75 to watch one feature film and shorter contents at a lower price. Half of this amount will go to the content provider. A distinct feature of CSpace is its transparency in operations and overall earnings.

Viewers can download the CSpace app from the PlayStore and App Store from March 7 onwards, according to a KSFDC statement.