“On Women’s Day, and always, celebrating you for who YOU are.”

Kalyan Jewellers has launched the #SimplyMe digital campaign ahead of International Women’s Day celebrating women who carve out their own path.

Building on the success of their #CelebrateYourMilestones campaign in 2023, the #SimplyMe digital campaign encourages women to appreciate themselves, acknowledging the various roles they fulfill daily and honoring their resilience in the face of challenges and portraying the multifaceted essence of women who could strong, intelligent and innocent all at once.

Their 50-second digital ad campaign features Kalyan Jewellers’ brand ambassador Wamiqa Gabbi in a distinctive avatar and beautifully entwines its message with carefully crafted shots of exquisite jewellery. “Wen you chase your dreams with fire in your eyes, we see you. When you choose to live a little amidst the hustle, take a pause to recharge, and find solace in self-discovery, we see you. When you embrace the journey & choose to be #SIMPLYME, we see you.” they wrote.

Speaking about the campaign film, Wamiqa Gabbi, brand ambassador for Kalyan Jewellers said, “Being part of this campaign is not just an honour; it’s a reflection of my own beliefs. Like the intricate pieces, women intricately navigate multiple roles daily, and this campaign beautifully captures the multifaceted essence of a woman who is ambitious, innocent, and delightfully silly sometimes! This holds a very special place in my heart as it marks a meaningful 5-year association with Kalyan Jewellers, a brand that consistently champions and embraces a woman’s unique identity. Here’s to an ode to all women – embracing, celebrating, and shining in our own extraordinary ways.”

The video has received over 3.3 million views on YouTube till date.