JK Lakshmi has launched the third film of its ‘Buland Soch’ series on World Homeless Day with the poignant tagline ‘India Ab Soch Karo Buland’.

Conceptualized by BC Web Wise, this film showcases how a young boy can become a catalyst for change and progress in his community. It opens with the boy’s father, an engineer, going through blueprints for his projects. The young boy, inspired by his ideas, draws his own friends’ makeshift homes. We soon learn that these friends are the homeless children in their community.

This prompts an important change and inspires his father to use his tools for the good of society by creating a shelter for these children.

JK Lakhsmi Cement also posted this video on Instagram with the caption, ‘Desh mein aaj bhi lakhon bachhe bina kisi chatth ke saaye ke, sadkon par rehte hain. Unhe ghar dena, ek buland soch hai. Isi liye JK Lakshmi Cement ka kehna hai “India, Ab Soch Karo Buland”.

Through this innovative and much-needed campaign, JK Lakshmi Cement showcases the issues of homelessness and prompts its customers to reflect on this societal problem, encouraging them to embrace unconventional thinking and the transformative effect of even the smallest acts of kindness.

This film has been an immense success, with more than 1.7 million views on YouTube till date.