Vegetarian food brand ITC Aashirvaad Soul Creations has announced a collaboration with the upcoming Bollywood biopic drama, Tarla, as their “Official Food Partner”. The movie, which is set to release on July 7, 2023, stars Huma Qureshi in the titular role, playing the 

Tarla Dalal, who died in 2013, was a widely admired Indian chef and cookbook author who was responsible for introducing generations of Indians to cooking. This new biopic will focus on her empowering journey from being a young housewife to a renowned name in the culinary world, and has been highly anticipated by people in the country, specifically food enthusiasts.

Through this partnership, ITC Aashirvaad Soul Creations aims to showcase its dedication to healthy eating.  They have therefore curated a special, brand-new Tarla Dalal inspired menu which includes scrumptious dishes like Dudhi chana dal nu shaak, Mohan Thal, Sev tamatar nu shaak, daal pachhmel, aloo gobhi, paneer bhurji, chapati, and much, much more. This menu will be exclusively available in Bengaluru on food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato.

The team appears to be extremely excited about their tie-up. Rohit Bhalla, vice president of the New Business Cell of the ITC Food Division, and a representative of the movie production house, have both expressed pride, delight and anticipation for the upcoming movie.

This partnership has made ITC Aashirvaad Soul Creations’ commitment to providing their customers with convenient and accessible options to enjoy, along with a healthy appreciation for the admirable culinary history of the country. It is highly possible that with this, they will be able to reach a wider audience and create a positive impact.

As Aashirvaad Soul Creations announced on their Instagram caption: “Lights, camera, and wholesome dishes!”