Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, a clever campaign was released by a contactless payment enabling brand RuPay that focused on communicating the message in a quirky way. A set of films were released that depicted the easy accessibility and availability delivered by the brand with its compatibility with every bank in India.

The initial film features the iconic fast bowler Ishant Sharma who proceeds to explain to the Umpire the multiple benefits that RuPay offers. Initially portrayed as ‘confused’, the Umpire then uncovers the flexibility that RuPay brings with itself whilst another player still awaits his decision calling ‘Howzzat’ throughout.

This banter among the three characters follows a witty tone with a dramatic set of expressions. The film is then concluded with the Umpire ultimately making his decision to announce RuPay as ‘Out-standing’.

RuPay ON-THE-GO allows customers to make small and large value transactions at RuPay contactless-enabled PoS from the accessories they use every day and by using their RuPay cards. Living up to its tagline ‘RuPay. Be On-The-Go’, RuPay ON-THE-GO is redefining contactless payments and enabling instantaneous on-the-go payments.

This ‘ON-THE-GO’ campaign was reinforced in various situations including, being at a grocery store, a drive-thru or a restaurant. The idea was to simply enlighten the viewers about its quick, safe, easy, and hassle-free use for customers.