In years of countless strategies used in the advertising industry, some infamous ones take place to date. Picking up ideas directly from other advertisements or allowing way too many similarities that are hard to pass unnoticed.

While many such examples of imitating other brand strategies have met the public eye, two acclaimed brands are yet again under the light with what seems as conveying the message with an identical thought process.

Toothsi- A teeth alignment brand had released a campaign film towards the end of 2021, featuring a famous actor Arjun Kapoor, who is captured as an angry protagonist in the ad. The audience was impressed by this creative way of not only grabbing attention but also using an under-utilised emotion of anger to deliver the features of the product effortlessly.

Since taking inspiration has always been welcomed in the industry and coming up with something different each time can be challenging, another reputed brand potentially got motivated by Toothsi’s ‘We’re sorry, Arjun’ campaign.

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View upGrad’s Campaign- 

upGrad- An education institute consisting of online courses, too released a campaign quite recently and viewers think that the film features an idea that’s a little further from ‘inspiration’ and closer to ‘Copying’ the meat of it.

The latter film too features a surprisingly similar storyline of an angry protagonist played by Amitabh Bacchan, who expresses his fury at upGrad’s team for not making such trouble-free facilities available during his phase of education.

With questions of originality in this recent campaign, the ‘inspiration’ window narrows down for upGrad with even the use of the same key phrase, ‘Yeh sab mere waqt mai kyu nhi tha’ that was initially conveyed by Toothsi’s campaign lead, Arjun Kapoor.

We’re yet to find out if upGrad’s team can overshadow this ‘coincidence’ with their spectacular filmmaking and casting, or was it not a ‘coincidence’ at all?

Can you make out the resemblances?