Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the finance industry. While assets like equity and traditional stocks have been experiencing blows, alternative asset classes are gaining popularity. When the market bleeds, investors seize up the opportunity to buy or to divert their portfolio in some different asset class. Indians also have not stopped investing and are looking to diversify their portfolio to minimise their risk. With the Supreme Court of India lifting the ban on cryptocurrencies in March earlier this year, Cryptos have emerged as an alternate asset class in India. B21 Invest, a team based out of India and US is working very passionately in this segment. B21 Invest has removed all the complexities around crypto investments with its simple to use crypto portfolio management mobile app. Since the cryptocurrencies have outperformed all other assets like the Stock Market, SMP 500(check), Gold, Silver in 2020, many investors have now started to consider it as a safer haven for their investments. The last few months witnessed huge spikes in crypto trading volumes with the old crypto investors returning back to the market along with several new players and new retail investors entering the space.

B21 Invest provides  a simple platform for buying and managing crypto assets. With the current crypto exchanges new investors are finding it difficult to purchase cryptocurrencies as they are required to be familiar with a lot of technical hardships such as,

  • finding a suitable crypto wallet,
  • going through a lengthy KYC process
  • choosing the right cryptocurrency for investing among the thousand available coins
  • Manage their private keys, complex passphrases

While this may seem easy to most of the investors but there are also many who are getting lost in such complex processes.

With a fully custodial and regulated model to safeguard user assets, B21 Invest brings the process of creating and managing a multi-asset portfolio at your fingertips. On B21, anyone can create a personalised crypto portfolio and easily deposit funds using UPI, Bank Transfer, and Debit/Credit Cards.

B21 has selected only the top performing coins based on their research which users can choose and invest in, starting their investments with as low as $25 (2000 INR). With a very intuitive dashboard, B21 users will be able to monitor their gains and make any necessary changes in their portfolio with a simple tap.

By analysing the gains and losses, changes to the portfolio can be made whenever you wish to.

Instant bank withdrawals, International cards, Simple UI, etc.. There are many more benefits you can enjoy with the B21 app.

Download it today!

Invest Small. Invest Regularly.